Product / ServiceSHARP AQUOS
CategoryC04. Community Applications
EntrantNON-GRID Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:NON-GRID Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising/Web Design Agency:NON-GRID Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

An exclusive web campaign for Sharp's AQUOS LCD television range, using social networks to give two people the opportunity to watch TV together virtually. Firstly, send an invitation to your friend to watch the movie together. While you are watching it, click the "emotion buttons" to show your feelings. After watching the movie, you can check your compatibility with your friend on a diagram which is calculated from common features on your profiles, check-ins and so on. So you will find out how many times your paths have crossed or as Sharp says how many "LIFE CROSSINGS" you have had.


Name Company Position
Hiroshi Koike Non-Grid Creative Director
Seishi Ono Concept Conception Creative Director
Hiroshi Koike Non-Grid Planner
Atsushi Fujimaki Non-Grid Art Director
Hiroaki Kitamura Non-Grid Technical Director
Atsushi Fujimaki Non-Grid Designer
Emiko Nozawa Non-Grid Designer
Hiroaki Kitamura Non-Grid Flash Engineer
Shunsaku Ishinabe Non-Grid Flash Engineer
Jun Kuriyama S2 Factory System Engineer
Tatsuhiko Akutsu Non-Grid Project Manager
Yuichi Osawa Non-Grid Project Manager
Daisuke Umeyama Tyo Monster Movie Producer
Julie Nakayama Tyo Monster Movie Production Manager
Shuhei Onaga Crank Camera Operator
Nao Gonno Sound Designer
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