Silver Spike
Product / ServiceANDROP
CategoryC04. Community Applications
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising/Web Design Agency:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Position
Masashi Kawamura/Qanta Shimizu Creative Director
Masashi Kawamura/Qanta Shimizu/AID-DCC Film Director
Saqoosha/Qanta Shimizu Technical Director
Saqoosha/Takanobu Izukawa Programer
Yuri Morimoto Designer
Taichi Ito Assistant Designer
Yusuke Tominaga Producer
Sawako Ito Project Manager
Aya Yamamoto Motion Designer
Daiki Koyama Assistant Motion Designer
Aya Yamamoto/Yoshiyuki Odajima Cg Designer
Takayuki Kitai Assistant Cg Designer
Takeshi Nakamura Film Producer
You Tanaka/Takayuki Kitai Film Assistant
AID-DCC Inc./Katamari Inc. Digital Production
PARTY Creative Agency

Brief Explanation

'Bell' sings about the difficulty of communication, and the lyrics such as 'words' 'future' 'run' inspired us to create a visual experience about the journey of delivering a message. This idea developed into the 'Bell' music video game. Your message wil transform into an animal, which you can control through the landscape synchronized to the music. Depending on the number of letters, your message becomes a different animal. Whenever you hit an enemy, a letter will be changed and corrupt the message. After the game, you can tweet the broken message with a replay link to reveal the original message.


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