Bronze Spike
Product / ServiceANDROP
CategoryA05. Consumer Services
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising/Web Design Agency:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Position
Masashi Kawamura Creative Director/Film Director/Art Director
Qanta Shimizu Creative Director/Film Director/Technical Director
Masatsugu Nagasoe Film Diretor
Takayuki Shida Dop
Satoshi Mizoguchi Gaffer
Toshihiko Takashima Set Design
Masanori Mori/Daisuke Nakamura Technical Director/Programmer
Roy Ryo Tsukiji Web Director
Wookie Choi Web Designer
Masanori Mori System Engineer
Yoshihiro Kunihara/Ken Ishizuka/Nobuaki Arikata/Junichi Arakawa Programmer
Miho Ishizuka Creative Assistant
Yasuhito Nakae/Hisaya Kato Film Producer
Takafumi Shindo Assistant Producer
Hiroto Hashimoto Production Manager
Aoi Advertising Promotion Film Production
IMG SRC/Birdman Inc. Digital Production
Canon Marketing Japan Inc. Camera Support
Androp 'Bright Siren' Music
PARTY Creative Agency

Brief Explanation

This is an interactive music video for 'Bright Siren' by the Japanese band androp. The title and the lyrics 'not to make it a memory' inspired us to come up with the idea of creating a light animation from camera strobes. We actually lined up 250 cameras and controlled each strobe through a computer program. All the lights in the film are real, and no CG were used. On the website, people were able to view the photos taken from the cameras, and create their own 'strobe messages' to embed in the video to share with their friends.

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