Product / ServiceSHAVER
CategoryB03. Non-Food
Entrant Company:JWT JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:JWT JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

To contribute to electricity saving as a manufacturer of non-electrical products, and to communicate the message that 'Live Life Unplugged - Schick, Saving Electricity Together.'

The Brief

After last year's earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, nuclear power was shut down, and Japanese citizens were forced to cut back on power use. Schick, as a manufacturer of non-electric shavers, wanted to contribute to electricity saving and help Japan overcome the crisis together with consumers, as a united team.

How the final design was conceived

As a solution to both prevent using electrical devices and encourage using the razors, we invented a special shaver holder that looks like a plug adaptor, into which a shaver can be inserted . There is a suction cup so that the holder can be attached safely to the wall plug, covering the plug holes at the same time.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market Schick Unplugged provided consumers not only with the value of a shaver, but also with value as an energy saving partner after the events of 3.11. The holder also served as a small reminder to save electricity.


Name Company Position
Hiroaki Shinkai JWT Japan Creative Director
Kazuya Tanino JWT Japan Art Director
Kaoru Yabe JWT Japan Copywriter
Takumi Ichihara JWT Japan Account Director
Keisuke Fujibayashi JWT Japan Account Supervisor
Daisuke Tsutsui JWT Japan Account Manager
Nao Miura JWT Japan Account Executive
Yuichiro Saito JWT Japan Communication Design Producer