CategoryB03. Non-Food
Design/Advertising Agency:DENTSU COMMUNICATIONS Bangalore, INDIA

Brief Explanation

The Orange Owl was competing against more popular and much larger brands for the attention of the celebrities. It was important that we make the name ‘The Orange Owl’ stick, long enough for the celebs to go home and visit its online store. Also, at events like this, celebrities are given hampers by every brand present. The celebs pick the most interesting looking hampers and give the rest away to their entourage. So we had to make The Orange Owl hamper as unique and attractive as possible. While keeping in mind the limited budget and the brand's eco-friendly philosophy.

The Brief

The Orange Owl was showcasing its products at the MTV Movie Awards gifting lounge. We were asked to find an interesting way to draw attention to the Orange Owl stall. And also, to design a gift hamper for the celebrities attending the event.

How the final design was conceived

The Orange Owl's packaging is made from 100% recycled material and reusable and recyclable containers. So we decided it was only fitting that the display and hamper should be reusable too. "What if the bag turned into something?" "Like what?" "A stand. To display The Orange Owl products" "And it could look like an owl." So after a lot of research and countless attempts, we designed an eco-friendly, hand-printed bag that turned into a bright orange, owl-shaped display stand. Solving both our needs at one go!

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The design was a hit! The Orange Owl stall was lined with mini vanity tables that caught the fancy of every single person at the event. People came over to see what those adorable little things were. The Orange Owl received the most number of visitors. And elicited an equal number of excited shrieks. In under 2 hours, 100 bags were grabbed up. (With almost 4 hours of the event still left to go) Most celebs didn't even wait to get home before trying it out. They placed orders and asked for it to be delivered to their personal addresses.


Name Company Position
Ashwin Parthiban Dentsu Communications Executive Creative Director
Alok Manchanda Dentsu Communications Creative Director
Mark Flory Dentsu Communications Creative Director
Sandhya Sethumadhavan Dentsu Communications Art Director
Sitara S Dentsu Communications Copywriter
S Gunashekar Dentsu Communications Studio/Production Manager
J Balachandran Nair Dentsu Communications Studio Artist