Product / ServiceBOOK
CategoryA05. Publications
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

In promoting the new book, we wanted to spread the news in a charming way. We designed the books as a pair. When the books are placed next to each other, YUKA’s torso appears. Also when opening the book, one has to untie a ribbon of YUKA’s underwear on the cover picture.After untying the ribbon, an image of YUKA points out at you as if she's saying "Hey! I caught ya!"

The Brief

Once a famous pin-up girl and now a loveable on-screen talent, YUKA is going to wear a bikini again and pose for her new photo book and a body-making book. Because it would be her first photo book in 12 years, we needed an idea to create a news hook that gives a huge impact.

How the final design was conceived

Because YUKA is famous enough that her face is already known to everyone, we came up with a book design that does not show her face on the book cover. This was a very irregular approach as a photo book for Japanese talent.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

100,000 copies were sold after 90days from the release of the books, and the number is still growing.


Name Company Position
Rika Eguchi Dentsu Tokyo Art Director
Tengteng Acube Photographer
Rie Abe Dentsu Tokyo Designer
Toshikazu Minatomura Common Designer
Yusuke Ohtuji Common Designer
Mariko Nishimura Common Designer
Takeshi Yoshikawa Acube Retoucher
Shinji Sato Acube Retoucher
Kumi Saito Signo Stylist
Mikako Kikuchi No.9 Hair And Make-Up Artist
Tetsuya Minakawa Amana Photo Producer
Yusuke Nomiyama Amana Photo Producer