Product / ServiceKOMEHYO
CategoryA02. Posters
Entrant Company:TUGBOAT Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:TUGBOAT Tokyo, JAPAN
2nd Design/Advertising Agency:SHINTO TSUSHIN Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

The brand propose target to Re:use. When the consumers sells unwanted things and buy these secondhand things, Relay use, it will make ecology & economy(of consumers) friendly society. The creative visualized the brand message 'Re:use'.

The Brief

The brand is a nationwide secondhand retail chain. The brand motto is 'Buy things high and things will gather, sell things low and people will gather.' The objective of the campaign was to broaden awareness of the brand motto at the time of new shop launch in Omotesando, the shoppers paradise of Tokyo. Target: 20s and older women who know how to spend their money well.

How the final design was conceived

We wanted to symbolize the brand motto.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Effect of new opening of the campaigned Omotesando shop and along with market situation, the sale were up +16.9% compared to previous year-Quarterly year bases. (source: IR document)


Name Company Position
Shoichi Iwata Shinto Tsushin Copywriter
Kengo Kato Tugboat Art Director
Jun Goto Tugboat Designer
Ryohei Takanashi Acube Photograher
Sho Hachinoda Acube Retoucher
Kenji Mitsuhashi Tugboat Producer
Koichiro Takahashi Amana Producer
Kazuyoshi Arima Amana Producer