Product / ServiceMOUNTAIN DEW
CategoryA09. Environmental Design
Entrant Company:TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

There are many skaters in Japan. However, only a few can do an "ollie" well. How can Mountain Dew uplift the rest of the people? * "Ollie" is the first trick that comes to our mind when we think about skateboards. It is the technique to jump high while riding a skateboard. "Ollie" is the most popular technique, but it's the most difficult one. When you can do it, it will certainly uplift you.

The Brief

Mountain Dew has supported uplifting young people around the world who enjoy skateboarding. In Japan,Mountain Dew had just launched,so we need to make lovers of Mountain Dew. It's skaters.

How the final design was conceived

We've created a device to solve it. It's called the "MAGIC BOX". It was on exhibit at Harajuku where many skaters visit frequently. People who can not do an "ollie", can just pose in the air as doing an ”ollie” on this device, and it will make them look as if they are actually doing an "ollie". We took pictures of people doing an "ollie", and had a graffiti artists, who is popular among the skaters, create original art on those picture. We printed this poster on spot and gave it to the skaters and uploaded it on facebook simultaneously.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

A lot of skaters who couldn't do an ollie could now do an ollie, and they were uplifted. The poster are on display in skate shop, their own room, etc. And this joy of doing an ollie was shared immediately on the Facebook, blogs, and other social media by skaters.


Name Company Position
Tetsushi Kawachi Tokyu Agency Tokyo Creative Director
Tetsushi Kawachi Tokyu Agency Tokyo Planner
Tetsushi Kawachi Tokyu Agency Tokyo Art Director
Hideaki Morohashi Tokyu Agency Tokyo Planner
Hironori Onoe Ciraf Producer
Takeshi Nishizawa Rainbow Japan Web Director
Takashi Saiki Rainbow Japan Designer
Misaki Nakamura Rainbow Japan Designer
Toshikatu Kosuka Rainbow Japan Designer
Satoshi Mori Easeback Director
Daichi Yasuda Vuno Animator
Naoya Sanuki Oddjob Animator
Tofubeats Music
Akeem Coordinator
Shingostar Oddjob Producer
Yohey Kondo Oddjob Production Manager