Product / ServiceMcCANN HEALTH, SYDNEY
CategoryA06. Self Promotion
Entrant Company:McCANN HEALTH Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Design/Advertising Agency:McCANN HEALTH Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

The challenge was to do something creative and meaningful within the parameters of the new global branding. Our objective was to explore different ways we could impact on our target groups in a meaningful, creative, yet cost-effective way.

The Brief

Our agency was the client. We challenged ourselves when we were undergoing a global rebranding to see how we could make the rebranding work for us, our IPG workplace colleagues and our business associates. More specifically we wanted all target groups to believe "we never stop thinking about your health."

How the final design was conceived

When we looked at our target groups and the different environments we could impact them in, we realised we needed to break down our task into three areas. Business cards for our business contacts, screen savers for our staff, and location based stickers in our shared building for our IPG colleagues. Each medium had health checks, exercises or tips which were designed to positively impact on health outcomes. Together these communications would demonstrate "we never stop thinking about your health.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

We implemented the campaign on the day of our launch of our new global branding. Each medium has proved hugely successful . Word of mouth feedback has only been positive, with respondents admitting to secretly and openly taking the different health challenges. The business cards have the added bonus of being a very memorable ice-breaker and talking point in new business presentations.


Name Company Position
June Laffey McCann World Group Sydney Ecd Mccann Health
Tom Dirnberger McCann World Group Sydney Snr Art Director Mccann Health
Kate Chisnall McCann World Group Sydney Art Director/Mccann Health
Petra Symond McCann World Group Sydney Designer/Mccann Health
Bob Johnson McCann World Group Sydney Digital Art Director