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Product / ServiceMcCANN HEALTH, SYDNEY
CategoryA06. Self Promotion
Entrant Company:McCANN HEALTH Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Design/Advertising Agency:McCANN HEALTH Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

Our aim was clear. To not just tell people we care, but to show them we care by helping them to improve their own health. Our objective was to involve the whole agency - scientific writers and creative teams - to create a business card that was both fun and educational that could help make you healthy.

The Brief

We asked ourselves a question when redesigning our business cards....How can a business card make you healthy. Our brief to ourselves was to create a series of business cards that did exactly that - help to make you healthy - and prove to everyone connected with our agency "We never stop thinking about your health." We wanted to create business cards that positively impacts on the health of others. From a new business POV we also wanted to ensure that the first impression of our agency is also a lasting impression.

How the final design was conceived

We created not just a few - but a series of 21 business cards, as we soon realised we could impact on many different areas of health. All offer a level of interactivity with various health checks, tasks and exercises all designed for improved health outcomes. Physical exercises, cancer checks, dental checks, eye exams, stress-less exercises - these topics and many more were explored to reiterate the point "we never stop thinking about your health."

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The cards have been extremely well received - acting as a talking point and ice-breaker, especially in new business pitches. People love it when they receive cards from different agency staff, and each has a different fun but educational task.


Name Company Position
June Laffey McCann World Group Sydney ECD McCann Health
Petra Symond McCann World Group Sydney Designer McCann Health
Tom Dirnberger McCann World Group Sydney Snr Art Director/McCann Health
Bob Johnson McCann World Group Sydney Digital Art Director/McCann Health
Kate Chisnall McCann World Group Sydney Art Director/McCann Health
Emma Johnson McCann World Group Sydney Scientific Writer/McCann Health
McCann Health team McCann World Group Sydney Copywriter