Product / ServiceRELIEF PET HOUSE
CategoryB03. Non-Food
Entrant Company:HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

2011. An unparalleled earthquake struck Japan. People were rebuilding their lives after severe damage. Animal Relief Headquarters sent pet food and other materials, but animals remained in crisis. They required more support.

The Brief

To immediately provide displaced animals with a safe haven and reduce the amount of stress due to extreme condition.

How the final design was conceived

Reuse cardboard boxes, which contained relief goods, as temporary pets shelters. By slightly altering their shape, boxes could be used for shipping and as pet shelter. Cardboard boxes previously disposed after use were reused to relieve pets’ stress, and save them from dying from the cold.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Instant Pet House was used in animal shelters in 72 disaster-afflicted areas and made thousands of pets happy.


Name Company Position
Tomoshi Saida Hakuhodo Executive Creative Director
Katsuhiko Suzuki Hakuhodo Art Director
Keiichi Sasaki Hakuhodo Copywriter
Ami Nakaya Hakuhodo Designer
Takayoshi Hase Hakuhodo Account Director
Hirofumi Nobuta Hakuhodo Product's Agency Producer/Producer
Yuki Saito Freelance Director
Yasuhiro Motobe Hakuhodo Product's Production Manager
Tatsuro Warikata Hakuhodo Product's Offline Editor
Hisako Sudo Hakuhodo Product's Photographic Producer
Takahiro Kojima/Kohei Suzuki Hakuhodo Product's Cinematographer
Shinya Imoto Red Hill Post-Production Supervisor
Ryusuke Fukushima/Takanobu Sekiya Red Hill Online Editor/Sound Mixer
Hirotaka Matsuoka P-Camp Music Composer
Hideo Furuya Style Printing Printing Director
Hiroki Tatebayashi Twins Co. Designer
Daisuke Yosumi Lake Edge Nomad Planner
Fumiaki Sendai Hakuhodo Executive Manager
Hirotaka Kusanagi Freelance Motion/Graphic Designer
Michael Glenn Freelance Copywriter(English)