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Product / ServiceSHIBUYA HIKARIE
CategoryA02. Posters
Entrant Company:TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Nobody sees building the creative We developed this creative for graphical SHIBUYA HIKARIE building instead of using artificial 3D perspective or photograph and achieved nonverbal creative development for defuse non-Japanese people

The Brief

To convey SHIBUYA HIKARIE is not just a state of art complex building but also the icon that lead SHIBUYA to gneo entertainment district. SHIBUYA HIKARIE will transmit new culture and trend to Japan and all over the world.

How the final design was conceived

Maximize the campaign impact and attention, we created various type of posters and put up that sort of 100 consecutive posters to walkway from Shibuya station to the new building.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

- Featured Nobody sees building creative by various type of media for free that increase the awareness of this campaign for Japan nation wide even the ads executed only Shibuya area. - For SNS, the young internationally prolific contemporary Japanese artist Tweeted this campaign for his Twitter account for over 57,000 his followers when he see the Nobody sees building creative poster. After the moment, his followers spreading the topic right away for their own Twitter account.


Name Company Position
Makoto Hayashi Tokyu Agency Inc. Chief Creative Officer
Makoto Shinohara Tokyu Agency Inc. Executive Creative Directo
Kazuto Mochizuki Tokyu Agency Inc. Creative Director
Shobun Nakashima Wave Creation Inc. Creative Director/Art Director
Takanori Maruhara Tokyu Agency Inc. Copywriter
Mai Yamaguchi Tokyu Agency Inc. Copywriter
Toshimi Hayashi Tokyu Agency Inc. Designer
Yusuke Kimura Tokyu Agency Inc. Agency Producer
Toshinori Tsuchiya Tokyu Agency Inc. Agency Producer