Product / ServiceHYOKETSU
CategoryA08. Broadcast Design and Graphics & Digital Design
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
2nd Design/Advertising Agency:RHIZOMATIKS Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

Need to enhance recognition by consumers after they have forgotten the surprise of the product function. HYOKETSU has its crystal package and sparkling taste. To remind its concept and product, we should offer some exciting experience related to the "Sparkling Surprise"product.

The Brief

Need to communicate "SPARKLING SURPRISE" and make people surprise again because years after its initial launch of the product, there’s not any more amazement among consumers toward the product.

How the final design was conceived

At first, we picked Perfume, a Techno-Pop girls' group who has a sparkling image and well known for their futuristic performance and created mixture of "Real and Virtual"on web site to give consumers a big surprise. Because this collaboration has never existed before, the design came out to be "Sparkling Surprise" to consumers.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

"The campaign information spread explosively among 22 million people on SNS. AR cans were sold limitedly as an extended product of this campaign and as a result, one third of the adult population of 27 million cans were vanished from the store shelf right away.


Name Company Position
Akio Morita Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Copy Writer
Daito Manabe Risomatics Creative Director/Creative Technologist/
Mikiko Choreographer/Stage Director/Visual Director
Hiroyasu Kimura Risomatics Art Director/Planner
Yasukazu Uchida Dentsu Inc. Creative Director/Agency Producer
Yuna Kayukawa Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer/Planner
Noboru Nishino Dentsu Inc. Agency Producer/Planner
Yasushi Ezoe Dentsu Inc. Account Executive
Satoshi Horii Rhizomatiks Interactive Designer/Flash Developer
Satoru Higa Rhizomatiks Technical Director/Visual Programmer
Yoshikazu Yoshikawa Bow Flash Developer
Kentaro Mito Rad Markup Engineer
2bit Ishii Bufferrenaiss System Engineer/Programmer
Takcom Pics Management Movie Director/Motion Graphic Designer
Takahiko Kajima Pics Movie Producer
Keisuke Iizuka Sound Designer
Akira Miwa Mcray Cg Cg Designer
Yosuke Kobayashi Kitchen Sink Designer
Fujinari Tsutsumi Dentsu Inc. Copywriter
Hidefumi Kokubo Tow Producer