Product / ServiceR58 & R59
CategoryA09. Environmental Design
EntrantAMCI Beijing, CHINA
Entrant Company:AMCI Beijing, CHINA
Design/Advertising Agency:AMCI Beijing, CHINA

Brief Explanation

The objectives were to bring the adventurers spirit of MINI to life. Raise the stakes of the brand in the media's eyes - the print, radio and TV media - from a stylish luxury product to a driver's machine that can help you achieve the unbelievable, break boundaries, take risks, find adventure in your every day. MINI's objective was to bring this idea of Adventure and Exploration to life in a way that would re align the way in which media communicates around these two products and the brand as a whole.

The Brief

Create a high energy, authentic and surprising adventure in which to amaze the media and launch the two Marquee MINI products - the coupe and the roadster. Bring to life the spirit and emotion of "Another Day Another Adventure" Think out of the box. think Cheeky. Think Irreverent. Think Risky. See those boundaries . . .over there, well break those boundaries! Create unique opportunities for the media to get behind the wheel, around the products and find a way to get the MINI Roadster & Coupe injected into the adrenaline stream of the media.

How the final design was conceived

We imagined an adventurers club, space that evokes the highest peaks of exploration (space travel) and the farthest reaches of the earth (mountains, wild beasts, each corner of the earth, hearths and fire and polar bear skins) and the people who populate these clubs. We built an indoor and outdoor space that housed Team Adventurers (A Marine, The Italian Job Stunt Driver, A Department of Defense Trainer) and created touchpoints that turned the media into adventurers . . .at least for a day.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Radio, print, Web and TV were peppered with stories of the Adventurers behind MINI, the stories that the media themselves created in re enacting hostage, tactical assault, racing competitions and the adrenaline of a space shuttle lift off. the Youku video hit 1,000,000 views in almost no time and the clients sales and media response far exceeded expectations.


Name Company Position
Mezzo Wang AMCI Mini Creative
Don Moss AMCI Vp Creative
Feng Yan AMCI Director
Shi Xiaohuan AMCI Producer
Carolyn Chan AMCI Producer
Kevin Killip AMCI Evp
Matthew Zaklad AMCI Director