Short List
Product / ServiceANDROP
CategoryA10. Typography
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

The objective of the project was to come up with a new music video & online experience for the song 'Bell' by the Japanese band 'androp'. We wanted to appeal to the young & tech savvy fans of androp. *please play the music video game on: as well as watching the case study video.

The Brief

Warner Music Japan asked us to create an interactive music video experience for the Japanese band androp's new single 'Bell'.

How the final design was conceived

The song Bell sings about communication, and the difficulties in expressing your true emotions, so we came up with an idea that turns the act of delivering a message into entertainment. When you arrive at the site, you can type in any message and send it to your friend via Twitter. It transforms into an animal, which you control through a world that is synched to the music.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The music video game spread all over the web via Twitter, and raised high awareness to the song, bringing the song up to 6th place on the music chart. At the peak time the game was played over 10,000 times and average time spent recorded over 2 minutes. So far, the game was played more than 250,000 times and most of those plays were shared via Twitter and successfully created the buzz. The site has also been recognized internationally and was chosen as Site of the Month on FWA, and received the Tokyo TDC award.


Name Position
Masashi Kawamura/Qanta Shimizu Creative Director
Masashi Kawamura/Qanta Shimizu/AID-DCC Film Director
Saqoosha/Qanta Shimizu Technical Director
Saqoosha/Takanobu Izukawa Programer
Yuri Morimoto Designer
Taichi Ito Assistant Designer
Yusuke Tominaga Producer
Sawako Ito Project Manager
Aya Yamamoto Motion Designer
Daiki Koyama Assistant Motion Designer
Aya Yamamoto/Yoshiyuki Odajima Cg Designer
Takayuki Kitai Assistant Cg Designer
Takeshi Nakamura Film Producer
You Tanaka/Takayuki Kitai Film Assistant
AID-DCC Inc./Katamari Inc. Digital Production
PARTY Creative Agency