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CategoryB03. Non-Food
EntrantLOWE Bangkok, THAILAND
Entrant Company:LOWE Bangkok, THAILAND
Design/Advertising Agency:LOWE Bangkok, THAILAND

Brief Explanation

Challenge: Kids with special need in Thailand are more likely to die at young age. Since moms lack at knowledge or specialist to development them, the kids are either taken into care or sent to a children home. How to solve this social issue with no budget at all? Insight: For the special kids, a toy is not just a toy. But something that can help them exercise, communicate, socialize, and to develop mentally and physically.

The Brief

The Plantoys founder believes 'Children have a right to play' and there are groups of special kids in Thailand who have been left behind from the society. Kids with Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Visual Impairment are the key groups that plan Creations has stepped in and helped moms and kids with the support from Lowe and Partners (Thailand)

How the final design was conceived

Solution: Toys for Special kids should be created by the one who knows them best, the one who stays with them 24 hours a day, their moms.' Mom-made toys' was initiated to let moms design and raise funds to produce the toys for these special kids. Even though they don't have a proper design skill, but with a knowledge about their kids and real heart of a moms, they managed to design from scratch to finished product. We documented the project and PR in various channels.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Results: Over 26,000 toys were produces and distributed for free to special kids around Thailand. Millions of Baht raised in donations, and 50 million Baht of Free Media coverage. As important we gave the moms confidence,made many children smile and develop themselves


Name Company Position
Pom Chaiyaporn Lowe Chief Creative Officer
Chalit Manuyakorn Lowe Creative Director
Komsan Wattanavanitchakorn Lowe/Open Creative Director
Prasit Vittayasumrit Lowe Art Director
Apichai Inthutsingh Lowe Art Director
Noppakate Tawun-Unnop Lowe/Open Copywriter
Wesley Hsu Lowe Copywriter
Thasorn Boonyanate Lowe Copywriter
Thanachai Shavitranurak Lowe Copywriter
Bob Eye View Photographer
Plantoys/Mother Aon Plan Creations Designer
Natira Wongpaitoon Lowe Graphic
Jeremy Hine Lowe Chief Executive Officer
Piyachat Cholasap Lowe Head Of Production
Supinyo Maneerat Lowe Account Director
Chidlada Gabites Lowe Account Management
Boonchai Suksuriyayothin Lowe Planner
Thakon Prateeratana Lowe Producer
Chaowapark Srikasem Lowe General Manager
Siriluck Sirisawat Lowe Editor
Porakit Tanwattana Lowe Creative Directot