CategoryA08. Broadcast Design and Graphics & Digital Design
Entrant Company:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Design/Advertising Agency:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

We chose a simple way and personalized the watch as a lady of light. Because both watch, especially “Luna” looked like as if it were living. We’ve felt a life in it. So, our basic idea was to describe a lady born from “Nova” and forms into “Luna”, using CGI animation throughout. And during that transformation the mystical world in which the lady lives is shown. To avoid the clumsiness and stiffness, moves of a ballet dancer is filmed for reference.

The Brief

CITIZEN is a watchmaker who has introduced the world first solar powered watch called “Eco-Drive” in 1976. This essential technology does not defecate hazardous substances during the whole production process. For the debut of their first ladies’ Eco-Drive concept watch for the BASELWORLD 2012, CITIZEN wanted to produce a short movie and has given us the theme “breathing in and out the light”. The two beautifully designed concept models are, not only driven by light, but also indicate the exact time with the light, in an astonishing and fascinating way.

How the final design was conceived

The mission was clear; the invention of the lady of light. From the inspiration “watch as living being”, veins of light was designed to the lady’s body and the moving lights modifies circulation in her body. And at the same time we also wanted to challenge to create a piece of universal beauty, which goes beyond borders, races and time. The reason why we’ve set such a high criteria is simple. We wanted to entertain and please every women and men, from all around the world, who watch this short movie, and make them notice how beautiful these two watches are. We wanted to deliver a positive energy of beauty

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The release of the concept watches “Nova” and “Luna” to the market is under consideration, and will be announced in near future. In any case, the release will be limited to some hundreds pieces each. However, some watch, fashion and art and ad magazines have already shown their interest to the watches and this PV, and are keen to introduce them in their latest issues.


Name Company Position
Nozomi Koyano ADK Creative Director
Toshihiko Iizuka ADK Creative Director
Ryusuke Dohi ADK Planner
Mutsumi Ajichi ADK Art Director
Asami Uesugi ADK Art Director
Midori Nomura ADK Art Director
Mari Kubota/ ADK Copywriter
Kyoka Iwamoto Adk Creative Producer
Daisuke Hashimoto Pics Director/Visual Artist
Taichi Masuda Sound Design
Gen Uchida Rock’n Roll Japan Executive Producer
Yohei Kawasaki/ Rock’n Roll Japan Production Manager
Saki Tsutsumi Rock’n Roll Japan Production Assistant
Miki Takahashi ADK Account Executive