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Design/Advertising Agency:Y&R SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE

Brief Explanation

With its limited budget, and with the consumer already bombarded with hundreds of messages from beer brands at every touch point, Kirin knew it couldn't afford to rely on the conventional approach to increase Kirin Ichiban Beer's share of stomach.

The Brief

In end 2011, Kirin Ichiban Beer, a premium Japanese beer, launched in Tiger Beer's birthplace: Singapore. The Singaporean beer drinker had hundreds of choices to choose from, from microbrews to popular international beers, to even Japanese beers, such as Sapporo and Asahi. We needed a way to help Kirin Ichiban Beer stand out in the market.

How the final design was conceived

With Valentine's Day coming up, we realised one thing: women have it easy; they get flowers. Men, however, don't have a universal gift to call their own. Recognising this opportunity, Kirin Beer shifted its sights to women (perhaps the most effective way to reach a man). We tapped into the gift-giving market to connect with and raise awareness amongst male drinkers in a brand new way. We created the Kirin Beer Bro-quet: a hand-arranged artificial bouquet with 10 mini cans of Kirin Ichiban Beer. Finally, women had the perfect bouquet for the man (or men) in their lives.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Kirin Beer Bro-quet helped Kirin Beer gain traction in Singapore and beyond, despite having no media spend. In 2 weeks, Kirin Beer Bro-quet received: • 11,908 visits to from 74 countries • 40,700 web page mentions (including on forums and blogs) • 69,284 Twitter impressions • 63,960 Facebook impressions Also, due to overwhelming response, Kirin Beer Bro-quet is now a permanent offering. More importantly, it transformed how Kirin Beer reached its consumers: from being just a drink purchased at the bar, to a cool gift purchased online for the man (or men) in your life.


Name Company Position
Edward Ong Y&R Singapore Executive Creative Director
Han Ming Toh Y&R Singapore Creative Director
Chiew Chiew Neo Y&R Singapore Art Director
Adam Miranda Y&R Singapore Senior Copywriter
Wern Kee Lim Y&R Singapore Digital Art Director
Emir Shafri Y&R Singapore Copywriter
Asuka Kondo Y&R Singapore Designer
Kittisak Poonnotok Y&R Singapore Art Director
Sam Ng Y&R Singapore Retoucher
Benny Quek Y&R Singapore Propmaker
Kirby Ho Y&R Singapore Production Manager
Bruce Watt Y&R Singapore Project Manager
Wendy Koh Y&R Singapore Digital Project Manager
Phoebe Lee Y&R Singapore Digital Project Manager
Matthew Godfrey Y&R Singapore President/Asia
Melvin Kuek Y&R Singapore Managing Director
Michelle Tan Y&R Singapore Producer
John Elerick Jle Productions Writer/Producer
Dan/Marcel Alexis Freeflow Productions Video Production
Chai Guan Teo Teo Studio Photographer