Product / ServiceGALAXY MACAU
CategoryA03. Flyers, Tickets, Invitations, Postcards, Calendars, Christmas and Other Greetings Cards
Entrant Company:GALAXY MACAU Macau, CHINA
Design/Advertising Agency:GALAXY MACAU Macau, CHINA

Brief Explanation

A fun Christmas tree themed greeting containing a multi-purpose packaging which can double as a Christmas decoration. In addition to the traditional space for a written Christmas message, the greeting has an interactive element with actual bells that jingle representing Santa Claus and reindeers arriving, Christmas is around the corner. The bell theme is further carried thru the bell-shaped card which can be lit up from within, transforming a traditional greeting card into a decorative ornament which can be hung on the tree for a more unique display method than the traditional card.

The Brief

Develop a Christmas greeting package to send to VIPs, key vendor partners and media publications.

How the final design was conceived

A traditional desktop greetings card is to be thrown away after Christmas and has almost the same form factor every year. With all the fun elements to be assembled, this Christmas greeting package expands the joy of the festive season and makes an otherwise passive greeting into a fully engaged activity. The added benefit is the form factor for this packaging can also serve a decorative purpose for longer display. The end result is a more fun, interactive and entertaining greeting to extend the holiday mood.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

As a greetings package, it attracted more guest to come back to our resort for Christmas celebrations, and even after the holiday season. It helped to build the bonding and strengthened the connection between the brand and our guest.


Name Company Position
Jane Tsai Galaxy Macau™ Vice President - Marketing Communications
Albert Mui Galaxy Macau™ Assistant Vice President - Marketing Communications
Marcus Tang Galaxy Macau™ Senior Creative Manager
Jenny Cheng Galaxy Macau™ Senior Graphic Designer
Angus Tse Galaxy Macau™ Production Manager
Emily Cheng Galaxy Macau™ Traffic Manager
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