CategoryA06. Self Promotion
Entrant Company:McCANN HEALTH Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Design/Advertising Agency:McCANN HEALTH Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

Our challenge was to create a piece that had impact and expressed who we are as an agency. We also wanted to create a piece so engaging that no matter how many times you look you will always find some new intrigue. Our major challenge was finding a style that adapted to our brand guidelines without limiting our creativity. The other major challenge was finding an illustrator we believed would be true to our vision.

The Brief

Our brief to ourselves was to create a bespoke wall mural which would embrace our unique mix of high science and bold creative. Visually, we wanted to bring together these two worlds - and combine them into one single output, ie the work we produce for our clients every day. The wall mural had to work as a complete illustration across a 5Mx3M wall and also work as separate elements that we could utilise throughout our heritage-listed building and also digitally.

How the final design was conceived

We created a bank of icons that represents each of our employees, as well as Sydney and our clients. Then, after much research, we commissioned a world class illustrator, Christina Guitian to use her imagination and skill to bring our unique offering to life. In the beginning the whole agency had input in what they would like to see. However through a process of refining and working closely with Cristina, we were able to give her the creative freedom to create a piece that both she and we were happy with.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Our heritage listed building is the perfect canvas for this imaginative art. Since installation, we have only had positive feedback from staff, clients and other visitors. It's also been very well received around the greater McCann network.


Name Company Position
Christina Guitian Through The Drawing Book Illustrator
June Laffey McCann World Group Sydney Ecd/Mccann Health
Tom Dirnberger McCann World Group Sydney Snr Art Director/Mccann Health
Petra Symond McCann World Group Sydney Designer/Mccann Health