CategoryA06. Self Promotion
EntrantBBDO CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:BBDO CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Design/Advertising Agency:BBDO CHINA Shanghai, CHINA

Brief Explanation

NRDC seeks to raise awareness about this increasingly problematic issue.

The Brief

Shanghai is the city with the most air-conditioners in China.While it cools the indoors,it is however,continuously releasing carbon dioxide,which in turn warms the city.When we say global warming,the root of the problem actually starts from the city.

How the final design was conceived

We designed a special fan.Every blade of the fan takes on the structure and shape of shanghai's most iconic buildings.When people use this fan,they will literally feel the breeze that the city brings.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The simple analogy identifined with over thousands of shanghainese.The design of the fan received rave reviews.It allowed more and more people to belive in the natural good that the habit of using a fan can bring.It also brought across the message that,if we continue this habit,it can help reduce the emission of harmful gases and will be a contributed step for our efforts against global warming.


Name Company Position
Leong Wai Foong BBDO Shanghai Ecd
Awoo Lai BBDO Shanghai Ecd
Dont Huang BBDO Shanghai Cd
Gongxing Wang BBDO Shanghai Acd
Andrew Lok BBDO Shanghai Copywriter
Carl Liu BBDO Shanghai Designer
Agri Cai BBDO Shanghai Cgh
Sophia Yu BBDO Shanghai Ad
Summer Zhang BBDO Shanghai Senior Account Director
Alvina Seah BBDO Shanghai Senior Account Director
Jinkin Zhu BBDO Shanghai Studio Manager
Mark Jian BBDO Shanghai Photographer
Ivan Zee BBDO Shanghai Creative Service Director