CategoryA08. Broadcast Design and Graphics & Digital Design
EntrantDDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company:DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Design/Advertising Agency:DDB Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Brief Explanation

Due to the delicate subject of cancer it was important for us to ensure that the seriousness of the disease was relayed clearly although we had ensure that a positive, fresher side of the subject was apparent. It was necessary for us to create a website that display the confusing cancer data in a clear and easy to absorb format which is directed to people of all ages and cultures. We were also asked to consider a way to reach as many people as possible via digital means within the minimal budget provided.

The Brief

Cancer-related collateral generally identifies cancer’s negative aspects and the public's general interest in this matter is usually weak, people seem to ignore the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle on their bodies. Cancer Council decided that a more promising approach to facing the disease would be to minimise negative connotations and display their data with a positive direction by informing people of how prevention is better than cure.

How the final design was conceived

The digital solution was a graphical experience designed to educate and inform the user, enticing them to interact with a series of cancer related questions which reveal the answers on user interaction. By turning the content interactive, we exceed their digital and emotional expectations for this subject matter. The design was based around the theme of ‘Hope’, the graphics are inspired by 1950s biology print designs work with fresh colours demonstrating how 30% of cancers are preventable, offering a positive and informative approach to an often delicate subject.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Due to the authentic, bold and eye-catching design work the campaign has proved to be successful with all users participating online. In the first few weeks of the launch we noticed strong social sharing of the website itself and also by users 'pledging' to the tasks asked of them. In the planning stage we created the website to operate on various digital platforms including web, iPad and iPhone which meant that it's highly versatile and is easy to distribute. The infographic style of the design has a distinct appearance and we found that users enjoy the experience itself due to the visual aesthetics.


Name Company Position
Ramon Rodriguez DDB Sydney Design Director/Design
Domenic Bartolo DDB Sydney Art Director/Design
Chris Peck DDB Sydney Copywriter
Matt Melik DDB Sydney Strategy
Charles Rallings DDB Sydney Strategy
Cathy Peare DDB Sydney Account Director
Desiree O'farell DDB Sydney Producer