Type of EntryIntegrated
Product/ServiceCLIMA COOL
Entrant Company:TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN

The Campaign

Due to the stop of nuclear power plant since march 11th, the entire country needed to save the electricity especially for the usage of air-conditioner during summer. So, Japan’s hot summer became hotter. adidas needed to do something to enable people to survive this hot summer and let them enjoy it. We have developed special discount program called adidas temperature discount. adidas discounts the same amount of number of percentage as it’s temperature, if it goes beyond 35 degree C. Hotter it gets, more discount you get. Normally people hate hot temperature but adidas turned the hot temperature into the consumer benefit so that they can celebrate and enjoy the hot summer.

Success of the Campaign

We have achieved more than 40,000 visitors to micro site along the way. (already achieved KPI: 30,000) People kept coming back to website to check the current temperature and awaited that the temperature discount being activated. More than 70% of visitor were visited via mobile / smart phone. This number is extremely high comparing other adidas digital contents. This means that the most of people came to a micro site were really trying to download the coupon because you have to use mobile or smart phone when you download the coupon from micro site.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We launched this campaign with Press Event in order to spread the Word of Mouth that adidas is taking advantage of hotter summer. We invited lots of influencers to this press event, including Japanese politicians who is becoming an icon of Cool Biz and is trying to propagate to entire country. In that Press event, we announced the special discount program called adidas temperature discount. The mechanic of this program is that If you access to adidas digital platform and if it’s beyond 35 degree when you visit to website, you can download the special discount coupon with 35% off. (if it’s 36 degree, you can download 36% discount coupon) We also decorated the adidas store with Clima Cool Biz and adidas temperature discount graphic with QR code so that costumer can access to website via their mobile/smart phone to download the coupon from the store, and actually buy the product with respective discounts.


Name Company Position
Kazoo Sato TBWA HAKUHODO Exective Creative Director
Hideyuki Tanaka TBWA HAKUHODO Associate Creative Director
Katsuhiro Shimizu TBWA HAKUHODO Senior Art Director
Kaname Aratame TBWA HAKUHODO Experience Designer
Nozomi Imaoka TBWA HAKUHODO Digital Planner
Taro Sato TBWA HAKUHODO Account Director
Yoshitaka Kobayashi TBWA HAKUHODO SP Planner
Yo Kimura TBWA HAKUHODO Art Director
Yoshitomo Hanada TBWA HAKUHODO Account Executive
Mineo Mori TBWA HAKUHODO PR Director
Yuki Fukui TBWA HAKUHODO PR Planner
Shunsuke Nakamura AOI Promotion Producer
Masashi Matsukura AOI Promotion Digital Planner
Kousuke Egami AOI Promotion Production Manager
Takahide Suzuki AOI Promotion Production Manager
Koichiro Tsujikawa Director
Nao Watanabe Editor
Takaaki Yagi Form Process Designer, Flasher
Yuichiro Suzuki Form Process Designer, Flasher