EntrantBATES 141 Mumbai, INDIA
Type of EntryIntegrated
Product/ServiceMTV INDIA
Entrant Company:BATES 141 Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency:BATES 141 Mumbai, INDIA

The Campaign

MTV India desperately needed to reposition itself for one big reason. The youth of India was rapidly changing into his greatest avatar ever -- most original, most comfortable with himself, most fearless. No more did he bother about coolness borrowed from the west, a phenomenon brought about by MTV itself, which it now had to undo. This new youth had gone back to his Indian roots and was more real and rustic than ever. MTV had to address this change to remain relatable to young people, and therefore still have them watch the youth channel.

Success of the Campaign

MTV India’s Facebook page reached its target of a whopping 1 million members. But the protests due to the fearless content is our greatest achievement, especially the brick hurled at MTV Mumbai’s office. Rawspeak is now being used as Facebook status updates. The youth continues to STAY RAW, except for the new addition of the phrase ‘STAY RAW’ to their everyday lingo. Thus, with a stance inspired directly from the lives of young people, MTV is once again getting the youth to tune in to what it always stood for - the youth and its beliefs, and not just music videos.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We simply chose to empower this youth to be himself. And so the nationwide movement – ‘Stay Raw’ kicked off with 30 films that featured real people doing whatever the $%*# they did best or believed most. 115 typographic films using a raw tool - the simple power of words, expressing the Raw way of life. Similarly 156 different messages across outdoor and press brought together the youth from all across by speaking a language they understood – honest and ballsy. T-shirts, mugs, keychains, diaries, post cards, buttons, stickers, coasters, and other collectibles were put up on sale across India.


Name Company Position
Sonal Dabral Bates 141 Chairman, CCO
Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar Bates 141 National Creative Director
Anup P Bates 141 VP - Account Management
Keegan Pinto Bates 141 Creative Director, Copywriter
Manan Mistry Bates 141 Creative Director, Art Director
Kanan Doshi Bates 141 Group Head - Art
Gandhali Karnik Bates 141 Copywriter
Parineeta Gopal Bates 141 Client Servicing Executive
Vivek Kakkad Curious Films Director
Tassaduq Hussain - Director of Photography
Tapan Basu - Director of Photography
Shahzad Bhagvar - Producer