Type of EntryIntegrated
Advertising Agency:McCANN HEALTHCARE Sydney, AUSTRALIA

The Campaign

This campaign was developed to encourage the early screening, detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease. The truth was centered around the small things a patient with Alzheimer's Disease might do when in the clutches of the illness and the fact that there may be a ‘perfectly rational explanation’ for them. We encouraged doctors and patients alike not to let the Disease get this far, and to screen early. We showed slippers in a toaster and other items out-of-place which demonstrated the mixed up world of AD. The campaign had many elements including posters for doctors surgery, website and tools, direct mail, and rep pieces.

Success of the Campaign

The website recieved well over 3,000 hits - with 89% of traffic coming direct. It is hard to measure response of direct mail. as there was no response mechanism - however it did help drive traffic to the website. The website was viewed by doctors both in Australia and internationally.There was an increse of people going to get screened, and consequently a 3.3% increase of the sales of Aricept (the AD treatment made by Pfizer which was behind this unbranded campaign.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Pre-launch, reps were sent a pair of burnt slippers as a teaser, before they went to the conference where the camapign would be launched . In the reps hotel rooms, a bottle of ketchup was put into the shower caddy (reflecting another image from the campaign). The campaign was launched with 3 print ads in doctors journals and posters in Doctors surgeries which showed items out of place, and also a Christmas card which was sent at easter - again out of place, but there being a perfectly rational explanation for the "mix up". Following this, Doctors were directed to a HCP only resource site to learn more about early detection, tools available and the course of action they can take. They were driven to the site by URL card drop offs, Dislay stands at local educational meeints, GP ecomms and sales reps. Finally, another direct mail piece was sent "out of place - reflecting the mixed up world of AD" this being an Easter card that was sent at Christmas.


Name Company Position
Vanessa Reynolds McCann Healthcare Creative Director
Kate Chisnall McCann Healthcare Art Director
Poonam Chapke McCann Healthcare Snr Account Manager
Jamie McFadden Photographer
Elizabeth Galletta McCann Healthcare Account Director