CategoryA02. Premiums & Giveaways
Entrant Company:PROXIMITY CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
DM/Advertising Agency:PROXIMITY CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
2nd DM/Advertising Agency:GOODSTEIN & PARTNERS, CHINA


Name Company Position
Georg Warga Goodstein & Partners / Proximity China ECD
Daryl Villanueva Proximity China CD
Andy Li Proximity China Art Director
Enko Von Arnim Proximity China Client Service Director
Weareflink Design Concept

The Brief

China, 2011. Volkswagen decided to change not just their advertising but also the way they build their cars. Instead of building cars for the people, Volkswagen decided to build cars with the people. In order to attract a mainstream Chinese audience, a co-creation online platform was built where people were asked to create their own car ideas, design cars, share and compete in the chinese social media. 'The People's Car project' is not a traditional campaign but a transformative business strategy that allows Volkswagen to engage with future consumers on eye level. The best ideas by users will be used to build the first Volkswagen truly created by the people for the people.

Creative Execution

The 'flubber car' reflects the notion that the users can create freely without boundaries or constraint in actual physics. No matter how odd, which shape, color or function. A car can be anything.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The best ideas on the platform get awarded daily with a miniature of the key visual, the ever-changing 'flubber car'. 3 models were created as premiums and send out to the winners via post. The miniatures were so popular that we could increase registrations and conversion rates on the site.


The platform is open to all users, however in order to create ideas on the site and win a flubber car people have to register. The flubber car is a popular collectors item only available to our user base of the platform. Statistics 19.5 - 22.7 Unique Visitors: 3.400.000 Registration Conversion: 3,5% Registration: 65.000 Car Ideas created: 15.000 Comments posted: 1.700 Votes: 188.000 The project will continue until the new People's Car is released.