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CategoryA03. Company Literature
EntrantBBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
DM/Advertising Agency:BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Johnny Tan BBH China Executive Creative Director
Daniel Lim BBH China Creative Director
Shu Teoh BBH China Art Director
Nelson Ng BBH China Art Director
Ken Lu BBH China Senior Copywriter
Joanne Liu BBH China Business Director
Joyce Hong BBH China Associate Account Director
Natalie Ann BBH China Account Executive

The Brief

Gold jewellery in China is pre-conceived to have bulky, old fashioned designs catering to more mature Chinese. To increase gold consumption, the World Gold Council came out with trendy, 18k gold jewellery called K-gold. But it’s sold in posh jewellery stores, where younger fashionistas are intimidated to go in, much less try anything on. The challenge was to introduce K-gold designs to young Chinese ladies.

Creative Execution

K-gold created a fresh way to do product sampling, allowing women to try on the latest K-gold jewellery designs at home. K-gold created a minisite with an Augmented Reality Mirror, where ladies are encouraged to virtually try on different K-gold designs with different looks. So they know exactly which jewellery fits them best. We pushed the purchase intent earlier, so they know exactly what they want when they walk in a jewelry store. To direct people to the minisite, we worked with online key opinion leaders who helped seed the campaign on BBS, SNS, and blogs. We also had OOH, digital banners, videos on video sharing sites Youku’s and Tudou’s fashion channels that direct fashionistas to our site.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Let fashionistas sample the latest gold jewellery at home. This is to meet the business objective to increase K-gold's purchase intent among young Chinese women ages 25 to 32.


1. Achieved successful sales result of 15,000 pieces within the 3-month campaign period. (Source: client data, the World Gold Council) 2. Total K-gold market increased by 10% in 2010.(Source: client data, the World Gold Council) 3. Preference for gold jewellery rose 34% at the expense of Platinum and Diamond in 2010. (Sources: World Gold Council, Ipsos ASI Brand & Advertising Tracking China 2010) 4. Increase in purchase intent: 41% of those who have experienced the K-gold online claimed they would purchase it for themselves. (Source: World Gold Council, Ipsos ASI Brand & Advertising Tracking China 2010)