Short List
Product / ServiceADIDAS RUNNING
CategoryA04. Direct Response Digital Media
Entrant Company:TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
DM/Advertising Agency:TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kazoo Sato TBWA HAKUHODO Exective Creative Director
Hideyuki Tanaka TBWA HAKUHODO Associate Creative Director
Katsuhiro Shimizu TBWA HAKUHODO Senior Art Director
Masaharu Kumagai TBWA HAKUHODO Copywriter
Wei-Chun Chu TBWA HAKUHODO Account Director
Nozomi Imaoka TBWA HAKUHODO Digital Planner
Kenji Ishizuka KIRKSVILLE Digital Producer
Shogo Hina KIRKSVILLE Digital Art Director
Yasunori Matsumoto KIRKSVILLE Flasher
Haruo Fukui KIRKSVILLE Flasher

The Brief

Finding the perfect pair for runners is a very difficult process and yet a very limited experience only at the stores. Since adidas retail stores were limited in it's location and numbers, not every runner had opportunities to find their perfect match in their neighborhood. adidas has always been searching for a better way to let all runners to try on adidas shoes anywhere, anytime. Our mission “Let all runners try their perfect match of adidas running shoes anytime, anywhere.”

Creative Execution

“all light all fast” was the concept of adidas’s lightest running shoes line-up. So the service also needed to be light and fast. Digital interface was simply designed, and runners were able to find their perfect match just by clicks of button. A delivery of rental shoes was also fast, allowing runners to try on their favorite shoes the next day at earliest

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our idea, “KUTSUKASU.” KUTSUKASU is the world's first online rental service for running shoes, by adidas Japan. The name KUTSUKASU comes from a combination of two Japanese words, KUSTU (meaning shoes) and KASU (meaning rental). KUTSUKASU site allows runners to find their perfect match simply by answering a few questions about their running needs and levels, and letting them request for shoes rental just by a touch of buttons.


The result was outrageous. In it's 3 months period, KUTSUKASU was able to provided runners with more than 2,100 pairs to try on their anticipated adidas running shoes, where the service has maximized it's capacity. KUTSUKASU has contributed to the sales and has increase 2011’s sales by 17% compared with same season in 2010. Through KUTSUKASU, adidas has disrupted a convention that running shoes are tried-on in near stores. Now runners are can try their dream shoes anytime, anywhere.