Product / ServiceUNICEF
CategoryA01. Mailings
Entrant Company:CHEIL WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA
DM/Advertising Agency:CHEIL WORLDWIDE Seoul, KOREA


Name Company Position
Joungrack Lee Cheil Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Seongwook Han Cheil Worldwide Art Director
Songha Lee Cheil Worldwide Copywriter
Kihong Kim Studio h Photographer
Mijeong Shin Illustrator
Open Eye Producer
Leo Production Production

The Brief

Korea’s passion and commitment for education is known worldwide. What most people might not be aware of is that over one hundred million children living in third world countries do not receive primary education. Our goal was raise this dire issue to the public in a creative sense, and to raise funds in order to help alleviate the situation.

Creative Execution

The children were given the message that, when one Unopenable Notebook was sold, the children in under-developed nations could receive a textbook. To actually use the Notebook, the springs on three sides have to be removed first. The springs were able to be removed at the site, and some customers even opened it themselves right after purchasing it. Some took the notebook home, saying that the meaning of the campaign itself meant a lot to them. We also sent the notebook though direct mail to educational institutions or PR departments in large scale corporations to induce their participation and donations.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We articulated the fact that children in under-developed nations are not receiving primary education by promoting an Unopenable Notebook, with its 4 sides tightly closed. This Unopenable Notebook was sold in major bookstores where children come to purchase their school supplies.


Three hundred Notebooks were sold on its launch date and during the two week campaign, a total of 1,000 notebooks were sold. In addition, the number of one-on-one sponsorships for elementary education increased as well. The Unopenable Notebook campaign also caught the attention of the masses through various media and social networking sites.