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Name Company Position
Mark Ringer TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Executive Creative Director
Esther Wong TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Creative Director
Betty Ho TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Creative Director
Ken Hui TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Creative Director
Mike Wu TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Copywriter
Liou Ming TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Art Director
Tony Mak TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Art Director
Ken Hui TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Art Director
Jacqueline Hung TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Art Director
Ken Hui TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Typographer
Jacqueline Hung TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Typographer
BBH Singapore / TBWA\TEQUILA\HK BBH Singapore / TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Strategy Partner
Lui Yuen Yi TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Designer
Joe Lee J Illustration Designer
Jacqueline Hung TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Designer
Tony Mak TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Designer
Victor Norgren TBWA\TEQUILA\HK Creative Technogist
Ricky Wong Redtangle Workshop Production House
Timon Wehril Reddog Production House
Kevin Li Fat Ball Slim Director

The Brief

With 4-6 new collections pitched each year, Levi’s® must always be relevant, show originality and authenticity. The new collection in Jul 2010, called Square Cut Collection, was named after classic pop songs with different jean “wash” styles.Teens in HK do not particularly appreciate classic pop songs. They are also multi-tasking and gadget-oriented. So the challenge was to put jeans and music together, in a way that fully engaged our audience with the brand, while driving business growth and market leadership. Instead of using traditional one way media, we created a non-traditional consumer engagement strategy to ensure the focused messaging.

Creative Execution

Levi’s® target audiences are HK teens between 15-24. Jeans are a must-have item for them, but they have much more choices than before. They are also gadget-oriented and multi-tasking. So in order to engage them, the idea must be new, multidimensional and interactive. Soundwash is a new concept and the unique Soundwashing machine is a completely new technology we invented. Also, we extended this idea into packaging where we created limited edition boxes in the format of laundry detergent boes. The idea also extended across online – the first ever online Soundwash Laundry, and mobile – a new iPhone Soundwash game app.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We developed a campaign around the idea of “Soundwashing”. We created a multidimensional and interactive experience combining music and self-expression in a unique way. The basic concept behind is: choose your style of Square Cut jeans and “Soundwash” it with your favorite music using the Soundwashing Machine – a completely new technology we invented. We put these new machines in a specially built Soundwash Laundry in a main shopping mall in Hong Kong where our audiences love to hang out. The idea extended across packaging, print, in-store, online and mobile.


In just 4 days, more than 10,000 people visited the Soundwash Laundromat. From August 5-8, 2010 Silvercord Levi’s® store traffic was up by 85% and the number of transactions increased by 66%. Overall sales at Silvercord Levi’s® store were up 80% and nearby store sales were boosted 57% from the previous week. The special edition package sell-through rate was up 125%. The campaign generated more than HK$2.5 million in PR coverage.