CategoryA05. Alternative Media
Entrant Company:DENTSU TEC Tokyo, JAPAN
DM/Advertising Agency:DENTSU TEC Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hiroshi Nakagiri Dentsu Tec Executive Creative Director
Yoshifumi Takeda Dentsu Tec Creative Director
Kenichi Togashi Dentsu Tec Art Director
Hiroki Takahagi Dentsu Tec Copywriter
Masaki Tokuhisa Dentsu Tec Producer
Naoki Hayashi Dentsu Tec Production Manager
Sayaka Ogawa Dentsu Tec Production Manager
Takayuki Imamura Dentsu Tec Account Director
Youichi Nakayama Dentsu Tec Account Director
Tatsuyuki Tanikawa Dainichi Producer
Yuji Mitsuhashi Dainichi Director
Ken Yakuwa Dainichi Production Manager
Kansuke Maekawa Dentsu East Japan Account Executive
Ai Endo LaLaport Management Client Supervisor

The Brief

Lazona Kawasaki Plaza is a big shopping mall which attracts a large number of guests and is located near Tokyo. The mall started running a fundraising campaign soon after the Tohoku Earthquake. But two months had passed since the Earthquake struck, and now less people made a donation for the victims of the Earthquake. Our client requested us to create an innovative way to encourage customers to donate again. We were focused on the Japanese mentality: The teamwork. Our strategy is to have the donors to create a poster called for donations by themselves.

Creative Execution

Many people were experiencing sadness at the devastation of the Earthquake, stress about energy saving due to the problems with Fukushima Power Plant, and uneasiness about economic slump. We realized that everyone wanted to 'appeal the spirit of unity and corporation and share it with the world' to overcome the hardships. Thus we turned the poster into a canvas where those thoughts were shared, and adopted a strategy to encourage donations by leaving the production to the people.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Our idea is 'Message donation'. We developed a blank poster, which was in fact unconventional paper on which letters could be written with coins. We placed this poster and a donation box at the place where many people would gather in the mall. Donors would write words of declaration to support reconstruction and appeal the spirit of unity with their coins.They would donate the coins afterwards. The more messages were written, the more visually striking poster with powerful messages was produced, and more funds were raised as a result.


About 1,000 people wrote messages on the poster during a week-long campaign, and 100 different types of posters were made using those messages. This campaign raised 100,000JPY.