Product / ServiceAIR NEWZEALAND
CategoryA02. Premiums & Giveaways
EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
DM/Advertising Agency:DENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yoji Sakamoto DENTSU INC. creative director,copywriter
Toshiaki Iki DENTSU TEC INC. art director,illustrator
Megumi Sakashita DENTSU INC. exective creative director
Megumi Shimada DENTSU INC. producer
Katsuhiro Fujita FUJIFILM Imagetec Co., Ltd producer
Yusuke Shirai DENTSU INC. art director
Tomo Hayakawa DENTSU TEC INC. art director,illustrator
Satoshi Umeda DENTSU INC. copywriter
Emi Miyoshi DENTSU INC. account exective
Katsuya Fujisaki Taiyo Kikaku Co.,Ltd film producer
Masuhiko Ikada Taiyo Kikaku Co.,Ltd film director

The Brief

New Zealand is very popular for winter sports. But the fact is not well known to the skier of Japan located in northern hemisphere. In order to attract the customer during slow winter season, Air New Zealand had to inform the skier in Japan in low budget, that New Zealand is a great place for winter sports during summer in Japan. We set the target to avid winter sports fans, who love to go to the ski resort in Japan,even near the end of the winter season and developed direct communication to them.

Creative Execution

By operating a campaign at the ski resort near the end of winter, we could develop direct communication to avid winter sports fans, who go anywhere as long as snow is there. New Zea Man’s Twitter has kept sending out the cool information of ski resorts in New Zealand, and the DM was used as an ice tray during summer. Also, on the back side of the DM, people can find a password, by which they can win “seat-upgrade.” And, an unique incentive such as "Snow Discount" that discounts the airfare according to the snow accumulation was developed.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

At the end of April, the snowman shaped DM saying “Do you want to ski more?” was distributed in the parking lot of ski resorts, to aiming targets who’s come back there thinking, "Well, I want to ski more." Within the DM,the poster full load of ski slopes & tour information on New Zealand is enclosed. The snowman used for DM is iconized as “New Zea Man,” and we jacked the ski slopes using real snowman as an out-of-home advertisement, and his theme music was played in ski lift.


-Many of the targets talked about the ski resorts in New Zealand in the car on the way back home. -During the ski season, the number of people used Air New Zealand from Japan went up by 40% from the previous year. -New Zea Man was also displayed at the ski shop in New Zealand and introduced winter sports culture of Japan. -With this campaign, Air New Zealand developed a new communication route within the Asia and Oceania area