Product / ServiceCUPID CONDOMS
CategoryA01. Mailings
Entrant Company:McCANN WORLDGROUP Mumbai, INDIA
DM/Advertising Agency:McCANN WORLDGROUP Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Prasoon Joshi McCann Worldgroup Executive Chairman & Regional Executive Creative Director, Asia Pacific
Amol Kulkarni McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Noothan.P.R McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Prashant Kandalkar McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Amol Kulkarni McCann Worldgroup illustrator
Noothan.P.R McCann Worldgroup illustrator
Vivek Shinde illustrator

The Brief

Cupid Condoms, a fairly popular brand in India, wanted to somehow reach the right TG and direct them to their website which displayed their latest range of products. The challenge was how to target the right audience for condoms. And what is the ‘right’ audience to begin with. Condom usage, we realized, was the highest in the first couple of years of marriage. So, we acquired the database of couples who had booked themselves on a honeymoon package from all popular tour operators in India.

Creative Execution

It's always a bit tricky to work on a sex related product in India. What we achieved was that the message was driven through art and interaction. Every culture, society has erotic expressions in art and it fits just perfectly for a brand of condoms.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

What drove the execution was the fact that pleasure comes with variety – be it an assortment of condoms or positions. We created a pack of six assorted condoms and six art styles, i.e. Manga, Renaissance, Indian miniature, Comic, Pixel art and Negative pop art. When played with, it illustrates a combination of 26 erotic poses to form an interactive device. It lead the user to see different positions and different styles. This pack was sent to anyone who was about to embark on a honeymoon. Quite a cool thing to carry for a honeymoon, you’d agree.


70%, i.e. almost 5000, of the people who received the DM logged on to the site even before they set off on their honeymoon. We sincerely hoped the couples would put our packaging to good use, and don’t just play with it like it were Rubik’s Cube. But the DM generated a huge brand recall and sales in the next 3 months increased buy 38%.