Product / ServiceADVERTISER
CategoryA03. Company Literature
Entrant Company:TRIBAL DDB Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
DM/Advertising Agency:TRIBAL DDB Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Aaron Goldring DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Creative Director
Bronwyn Retief DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Copywriter
Clare Huddart DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Copywriter
Stacey Roper DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Art Director
Pat Murphy DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Senior Art Director
Susan Young DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Senior Copywriter)
Clare Waldron DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Senior Account Director
Katja Green DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Senior Account Manager
Maja Lee Yellow Direct Communications Manager
David Woon DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Designer
Marcel de Ruiter DDB Group NZ RAPP Tribal Studio Manager
Kristin Rodger DDB Group Rapp Tribal NZ Creative Services Manager

The Brief

Yellow were relaunching the Yellow book and it looked better than ever. How could we thank our main advertisers – tradesmen – and make them feel good about advertising with us?

Creative Execution

Everyone who bought space in the Yellow pages got their copy delivered with the wolf whistling bookmark marking their ad inside. It was a great way of demonstrating to advertisers that they’d made the right decision by advertising with Yellow – and that their business would get the attention it deserved.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Tradespeople have a reputation for whistling their appreciation for leggy passers-by. We decided to turn this on its head by creating a wolf-whistling book. We recorded the perfect whistle, then installed a sound chip inside a bookmark so when the book was opened on the page of their ad, it literally wolf whistled its appreciation.


The wolf whistling book was fancied by tradespeople all over Auckland. 72% of people gave Yellow positive feedback: ‘A positive step in the right direction from Yellow®’ ‘Loved it. Found the whistle very funny, and kept opening the book, and laughing his head off!‘ ‘It caused a wee bit of a crowd at reception checking it out’ ‘He thought it was great and had a laugh at the whistle’ ‘Very impressed’