Type of EntryCorporate or Brand Itendity
CategoryA01. Corporate Identity Schemes
Entrant Company:McCANN WORLDGROUP Mumbai, INDIA
Design/Advertising Agency:McCANN WORLDGROUP Mumbai, INDIA

Brief Explanation

As our target audience were highly creative professionals from the advertising and media industry, we were required to come up with an idea that would appeal to their highly attuned creative palates. Also the challenge was to come up with the unique corporate identity in a highly competitive field. The objectives were that the corporate identity should be relevant to their profession and should effectively depict the craft of their profession.

The Brief, an illustrators’ studio, wanted us to design a unique corporate identity that would be relevant to their profession.

How the final design was conceived

One of the marks of a great illustration is that words aren’t required to explain it. That’s why we visually depicted the names of the illustrators, in their visiting cards, by using illustrations of well known objects. So, to know whose visiting card it was, you had to guess and put together the names of the illustrated objects. Thus, in an interesting manner we not just communicated the power of illustrations but also the idea that illustrations made by our client needed no words to explain what they meant.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The visiting cards were an instant hit with advertising professionals, designers, publishers and animators. Not only did they enhance the image of as a unique and truly creative boutique, they ensured top-of-mind recall and also resulted in a 35% increase in enquiries.


Name Company Position
Prasoon Joshi McCann Worldgroup Executive Chairman & Regional Executive Creative Director, Asia Pacific
Ashish Chakravarty McCann Worldgroup Creative Director
Rajesh Bharadwaj McCann Worldgroup Creative Director
Rohit Devgun McCann Worldgroup Creative Director
Kapil Batra McCann Worldgroup Creative Director
Divya Saxena McCann Worldgroup Art Director
Abhijat Bharadwaj McCann Worldgroup Copywriter
Divya Saxena McCann Worldgroup Illustrator