Type of EntryCorporate or Brand Itendity
CategoryA01. Corporate Identity Schemes
Product/ServiceBE LUCKY
Entrant Company:TAPROOT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
Design/Advertising Agency:TAPROOT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA

Brief Explanation

The fashion and garment category largely has sizes in multiples of two resulting in a tough choice for people whose sizes fall in between. Commonly termed by odd numbers like a 5 or a 9 or an 11, these odd sizes are rare and tough to find. The brief was to bring out the product USP of garments in all these odd sizes right up front in the name and the logo and thereby the branding and the identity.

The Brief

The challenge was create an identity that immediately translated not only what the product was about but also the emotional insight that normal advertising communication could. In other words, not just that this range was in odd sizes but also what finding such a rare size meant to the buyer.

How the final design was conceived

The idea was born out of a combination of observations and insights wherein it was found that all mid-sizes, which were hard to find were usually odd numbers. Coupled with the fact that most people who sported these sizes thought of themselves as LUCKY to have found something that fit. Moreover, the number 13 is not only an odd number but is usually considered lucky for a minority. By carefully rendering the number as the letter B which looked closely resembles 13 as well, we also hit upon a logo that communicated everything at once.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

B LUCKY had an instant connect with the TG and it was surprising how many people who usually settled for the conventional sizes suddenly discovered that they were in fact odd sizes all along. the brand noticed a big emotional connect with the TG which was a great achievement for a brand which is just few months old in the competitive market.


Name Company Position
Santosh Padhi Taproot India Chief Creative Officer
Agnello Dias Taproot India Chief Creative Officer
Santosh Padhi Taproot India Art Director
Santosh Padhi Taproot India designer
Santosh Padhi Taproot India Copy Writer
Agnello Dias Taproot India Copy Writer