Type of EntryCorporate or Brand Itendity
CategoryA01. Corporate Identity Schemes
Entrant Company:IDEASPICE DESIGN Mumbai, INDIA
Design/Advertising Agency:IDEASPICE DESIGN Mumbai, INDIA

Brief Explanation

The key challenge were: 1. To create a format that was neither a regular cafe or a bar - but something that blends both and is in a differentiated segment of its own. 2. To create a brand and environment that could interact with the channels audience in several ways 3. To build a brand that could be easily replicated across sizes and formats throughout the country.

The Brief

Channel [v] wanted to move into the hospitality segment to connect with its target audience directly. The format needed to be a blend of a cafe and a bar and had to physically convey all the attributes of the channel - trendy, youthful, casual, accessible and bloody cool! The brief was to design all aspects of this format - from the identity to the space design.

How the final design was conceived

The brand was designed to work in the same flexible way a television channel works in. The space featured several interactive features: 1. Video booth - where people can take quick 30 second videos which can be rated by the channel and featured online. 2. The bar that hosts a ticker bar where messages can be displayed. 3. The space also features a main mural which would be user generated through social media. 4. Placemats that are games people can play. Every brand extension - from the napkin to the menu, the uniforms carries the quirkiness of the channel.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The first outlet was opened in New Delhi. The brand has had an immediate success. Within the first three months of it opening it has crossed all projected revenues. It has already built a steady stream of brand loyalists within a very short amount of time. The brand has been so successful within weeks of its opening that it did not even need to advertise - the crowds came in completely through word of mouth and the buzz on social media platforms.


Name Company Position
Sajith Ansar IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. CEO
Saurav Roy IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. Director
Rahul Solanki IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. Space designer
Radhika Ganorkar IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. Communication Designer
Prarthana Gandhi IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. Communication Designer
Jui Khopkar IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. Communication Designer
Ripul Shah IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. New Media Designer
Siddharth Sadashiv IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. Communication Designer
Saaniya Abbas IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. Communication Designer
Shipra Bhargava IdeaSpice Design Pvt. Ltd. Design Manager