Short List
Type of EntryCorporate or Brand Itendity
CategoryA02. Posters
Product/ServiceCAR FREE DAY
Entrant Company:LEO BURNETT Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Design/Advertising Agency:LEO BURNETT Hong Kong, HONG KONG

Brief Explanation

The campaign must educate the public about the link between driving and global warming and encourage them to participate in Car Free Day.

The Brief

Cars are a major source of climate-altering greenhouse gases. As the Earth heats up, extreme weather events are likely to become increasingly common, putting more lives at risk - especially in developing nations. An annual promotion by Greenpeace, Car Free Day is an attempt to interrupt drivers’ behaviour.

How the final design was conceived

To help make the connection in drivers’ minds that driving and climate change go hand in hand, we used a visual illustration of parallel car tyre tracks. Within one track, are miniature drawings, illustrating dozens of stories of fun, convenience and freedom that driving a privately owned car provides. Its corresponding track reveals the impact of these journeys: the effect on the environment, the melting of polar ice caps and uncontrolled flooding, for example. The illustrations are based on actual news events. For example, polar bears stranded and drowning in the Arctic Circle as pack ice melts. These parallel storylines illustrate the message that “you’re not just driving your car, you’re also driving environmental devastation”.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Participation numbers increased by 13 percent in Hong Kong last year. The territory’s head of government came out in support by walking to work.


Name Company Position
Connie Lo Leo Burnett Hong Kong Executive Creative Director
Brian Ma Leo Burnett Hong Kong Group Creative Director / Art Director
Alfred Wong Leo Burnett Hong Kong Creative Director / Copywriter
Wen Louie Leo Burnett Hong Kong Creative Director / Copywriter
Joey Chung Leo Burnett Hong Kong Copywriter
Nicky Sun Leo Burnett Hong Kong Art Director / Designer
Kenny Ip Leo Burnett Hong Kong Art Director
Sherona Mak Leo Burnett Hong Kong Account Manager
Matt Johnstone Illustrator