Product / ServiceFANS
CategoryA04. Consumer Electronics
Entrant Company:OLD SCHOOL FILMS Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency:ELEVEN BRANDWORKS Mumbai, INDIA


Chief Creative OfficerPuneet Kapoor
Executive Creative DirectorPrateek Bharadwaj
Creative DirectorSaurabh Sawant
CopywriterShiven Surendranath
Agency ProducerNa
Advertiser's SupervisorAnju Munjal
Account ManagerNa
Account SupervisorArkin Diniz
DirectorShiven Surendranath
ProducerDipika Dayal
EditorAnand Subaya And Sabu Jose
Sound Design/ArrangementFarhad K Dadyburjor
Music Artist/TitleVipin Misra
Art DirectorSanjog Karulkar
LightingSameer Arya
Post ProductionFuel Fx

Brief Explanation

The film opens in the holy Indian city of Varanasi. A place where wandering holy men are often found begging for alms and looking for miracles. Our film opens on a typical scenario where a wandering holy man arrives at a typical Indian snack shop asking for something to eat. The shop owner obliges and gives him a piping hot local snack, called a samosa, which he pulls out from boiling hot oil. On biting into it the holy man is shocked to find that the "samosa" is cold! He immediately declares it a miracle and starts running around the whole city shouting it out. The T.V. channels,always looking for a scoop of any sort pick the story and the whole city is buzzing about the shop that serves this miraculous cold snack. People flock to the shop. The press too reaches the store to interview the shop keeper The shopkeeper,in humility typical of the people who live in this holy city, attributes the miracle of the cold samosa to a previous lifetime. The camera then reveals, in a top shot, that the real reason behind the cold samosa was our product- The super fast Fan