Short List
Product / ServiceFANS
CategoryA03. Home Furnishing, Appliances, Maintenance & Household Products
EntrantJWT Mumbai, INDIA
Entrant Company:JWT Mumbai, INDIA
Advertising Agency:JWT Mumbai, INDIA
Production Company:AVAKKAI FILMS Bangalore, INDIA


Executive Creative DirectorSenthil Kumar
Creative DirectorShamik Sengupta
CopywriterSenthil Kumar/Shamik Sengupta
Agency ProducerAnjana Dutt
Advertiser's SupervisorSk Bajaj
Account SupervisorSayam Bhadra
DirectorSenthil Kumar
ProducerAshvin Naidu
EditorSally Salgaonkar
Sound Design/ArrangementTaufiq Qureshi/Raman Mahadevan/Senthil Kumar
Music Artist/TitleTaufiq Qureshi
Art DirectorSenthil Kumar
LightingTassaduk Hussain

Brief Explanation

The video captures the transformation of a windless day in a desert city, where even paper kites wont fly, to a really windy day when a thousand kites are up in the sky. Feel The wind with Khaitan fans, also known as wind instruments in certain parts of India. The audio stretches Vocal Percussion Sound Design Using Nothing but a Hundred Voices. No instrument. Every single note and rhythm was created using vocal chords. Voices rendered wind blowing percussion of several wind instruments like : Shehnai - ancient Indo Persian, Bansuri - Classical Bamboo Flute and Himalayan Pan flutes.