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CategoryA06. Best Use of Special Events And Stunt/Live Advertising
EntrantGROUND Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:GROUND Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:GROUND Tokyo, JAPAN



Name Company Position
Satoshi Takamatsu ground Chief Creative Director
Keisuke Kayama DENSU CREATIVE X INC. Producer
Naoto Nakanishi DENSU CREATIVE X INC. Director
Akihiro Okabayashi Pict INC. Photographer
Kenji Nishino Offline Editor
Yasuhiro Ohuchi DIGITAL EGG INC. Online Editor
Masamichi Shigeno and music ltd. Music
Hiroyasu Koizumi ART BREAKERS CO. Art Design

Results and Effectiveness

This campaign was able to achieve tremendous results with a fraction of the budget of an average TV campaign.

Creative Execution

We devised a campaign that made use of a social event of great interest to the Japanese public— the launch of a space shuttle and the first extended stay in the International Space Station by a Japanese astronaut. The campaign was comprised of 5 elements: ①Carrying Olympus digital cameras into space. ②Taking photos of the Earth from a window of the International Space Station (ISS). ③Making photos of the Earth's "today" available on the Internet. ④Creating a photo exhibition in a gallery. ⑤Shooting a TV commercial in outer space that would be broadcast only for a single day.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Previously, Japanese astronauts had not been allowed to take part in commercial activities. They were not only prohibited from appearing in TV spots but also from cooperating with any commercial campaigns. It was also against NASA policy to take part in commercial ventures and to utilize NASA astronauts and space shuttles for such shoots.However, after much scientific verification and protracted contract negotiations, the campaign became a reality.Though only broadcast for 1 day, the commercial featuring Wakata and a prominent Japanese actress generated much publicity.