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Product / ServiceLAMB
CategoryA01. Best Use of Television/Cinema
EntrantUM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Entrant Company:UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Agency:UM Sydney, AUSTRALIA



Name Company Position
Maura Tuohy UM Client Service Manager
Nathan Brown UM National Director of Strategy
Chris O'Keefe UM Director
Andrew Murray UM Investment Manager
Hugo Cutrone UM Account Manager
Briar Rowsell UM Buyer
Lauren Cassar UM Communications Strategist

Results and Effectiveness

By leveraging a local consumer insight, creating a great content idea, as well as leveraging the power of our global agency network - we managed to turn an $800,000 media budget into over $6M worth of independently audited exposure. On completion of the campaign Lamb was officially voted Australia’s National Dish in a poll released by the No1 Newspaper group in Australia. Most importantly year on year Lamb sales were up by 27%.

Creative Execution

The role for media was to ensure that our global activity was breaking news back in Australia. We partnered with Australia’s biggest media network ensure our story dominated the airwaves. Wes also used the power of our global network to access US talent for our ‘Lambassador’ to leverage in the Big Apple. We launched the campaign with our TVC - an address from Sam to the nation outside the UN. It aired as content during Australia's leading prime time current affairs programme. Sam went on to discuss Aussie Lamb with everyone from a Tanzanian diplomat to Donald Trump himself! All of this content appeared as dedicated daily segments in Sunrise - the #1 morning news program in Australia. As Sam’s adventures unfolded other media picked up on his crusade and further amplified it. Over the entire campaign we had 36 minutes of free TV coverage through in-programme segments. .

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Back in 2005, Sam Kekovich, ex AFL sports figure, became the face of Meat and Livestock’s Australian Lamb campaign, urging Australians to eat more Lamb on Australia’s National Day. His annual address to the nation has become one of the most anticipated campaigns in the country. Every year Aussies ask themselves ‘what is Sam going to do next?’ Our brief was simple- sell more Lamb. Our insight, Aussies love to root for the underdog, especially if the underdog is Australian. In fact, Aussies love to see 'little old Australians' take on the world. Our idea: send Sam Global. He would become our ‘Lambassador,’ spreading the word, one Lamb chop at a time. And what better place to start than the epicentre of America, some might even say the epicentre of the world- New York?