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The Campaign

The M&M’s brand has always been about the M&M’s coloured shells. Our idea was a wonderful example of taking a well-known, well-loved product and turning it on its head. We changed the actual manufacturing process to create a world first, NUDE M&M’s. We convinced a reluctant Mars to change their iconic coloured candies and develop a nude (shell-less) version of the M&M. The Promotion? Find the nude M&M’s. A TVC told the story of a camping trip where the M&M’s ended up nude. The story continues on the website. Here, consumers entered their unique pack codes to win. To further engage the audience, online videos took people in search of Crispy M&M’s shell. Red M&M actually put it on eBay with a direct link to a real-time auction. The campaign was also supported by stripping venticular outdoor, nudie paparazzi shots in gossip magazines, nudie calendars and nudie pens.

Success of the Campaign

The promotion worked in the way we expected, with sales going way beyond our targets. But just as importantly, it created lots of publicity and gave both current and new purchasers the chance to enjoy the brand in a whole new and engaging way. Specific Results include: • Sales for Quarter 1 2010 up by 35% versus Quarter 1 2009 (10% was the objective) • 39,316 entries • 42,298 visits to the website • Average time spent on flash site: 4min, 47sec What’s more, the eBay auction demonstrated the power of truly engaging an audience, with Crispy’s shell selling for an amazing $610.00.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign launched on Television with a 30 second TVC which told the story of the M&M’s camping trip that ended up with Yellow M&M being nude. The TVC launched the promotional idea – find the nude M&M’s. To win, people then had to register their unique pack codes on the website. We took this opportunity to further engage the user in a video story, which took users in an eBay auction for Crispy M&M’s suit. In store promotional material was purely there to drive purchase of the promotional pack and to engage buyers in the idea, using the equity in the fantastic M&M’s characters, at a store level. Then, to further engage the wider audience and to continue to drive the promotional message, we used the risqué nature of the campaign idea to create fun (read nudie) and relevant insertions in gossip magazines, in outdoor, with nude calendars and other nude paraphernalia.


Name Company Position
Rohan Lancaster Clemenger BBDO Copywriter
Darren Pitt Clemenger BBDO Art Director
Damian Royce Clemenger BBDO Art Director/Creative Director
Ant Keogh Clemenger BBDO Executive Creative Director
Karolina Bozajkovska Clemenger BBDO Producer
Bruce Currie Trilobite Director/Animation
Marin Johnson Hub Plus DOP/Cinematographer
Flagstaff Flagstaff Sound
Ricci Meldrum Clemenger BBDO Group Account Director
Sarah Galbraith Clemenger BBDO Account Director
Jo Currie Fusion Account Director
Grace Lum Fusion Account Manager
Michael Derepas Clemenger BBDO Planner
Dave Rosendale Photographer
Jodie Scott Clemenger BBDO Print Producer
Kelly Hirst Clemenger BBDO Print Producer