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Product / ServiceNEWSPAPER
Entrant Company:McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Advertising Agency:McCANN WORLDGROUP Hong Kong, HONG KONG


The Campaign

Hong Kong is facing increasing threats to press freedom. So when Metro Daily asked for an ad campaign, we convinced them to alarm people the alarming decline of freedom of speech by letting them speak freely without getting into trouble. We created "newsin18years.com" and asked people to write what they think will make news in 18 years. We then published the most voted-for stories, word-for-word, in a special edition paper "Future Daily" on April Fool's Day. The Futuristic theme and April Fool launch acted as smokescreen to our true motive: giving people a lawful channel to express their heartfelt opinions.

Success of the Campaign

With self-expression as the only incentive, we received over a thousand articles in just a month, and over 200,000 people visited our website. “It’s a reinvention,” Audrey Eu, Hong Kong Civic Party Leader, on Future Daily. “A disruption,” Claudia Mo, famous media critic, on Future Daily. Not only were we impressed by the number of articles on the site, the contents of the articles were as overwhelming. We received countless articles on topics being constantly silenced in the traditional media, from comments on Taiwan, to the infamous and most censored subject of all times – the June 4th Incident

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

2 months before April Fool’s Day, we created a website and mobile site “newsin18yrs.com” and asked people one simple question: What will be making news headlines in 18 years? People were invited to write their own stories on things that matter to their hearts, from politics, social issues, the economy, sports to entertainment. We then published the most voted-for stories on the website in a special edition paper that we distributed the public on April Fool’s Day. The campaign was also promoted with print and on-street posters.


Name Company Position
Spencer Wong, Nick Lim McCann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Executive Creative Director
Joseph Mok, Law Chi Hang McCann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Creative Director
Stanley Wong Thought Starter
Joseph Mok, Gary Lam McCann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Art Director
Law Chi Hang, April Fang, Spring Liu McCann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Copywriter
Zoe Kuo McCann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Interactive Content Director
Jeff Lee, Jeff Wong Metro Publishing Hong Kong Ltd. Publication Editor
Henry Chu pill & pillow Technical Director
Keat Mok, Anna Tsang pill & pillow Production Programmer
James Chan, Eddy Cheung Surreal Digital Imaging Ltd./ In Between Photo-retoucher
Marco Chow, Dick Chan Wow production / D-shot Photographer
Yen Lee, Winson Wong, Chris Tam McCann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Account Service
Penelope Yau McCann Worldgroup (Hong Kong) Integrated Communications Planner
Paul Swee Studio 13 Editor