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The Campaign

Nobody believes in banks anymore. With financial institutions falling out of favour, what do we convey to an audience of naysayers and skeptics? How do we convince them? With a 150-year-history in emerging markets, Standard Chartered Bank is nothing if not committed. The one thing people needed to know was the one thing the bank wasn’t saying: Standard Chartered Bank is Here for good. But words are only words. We needed to demonstrate Here for good in the delivery of the communication. From a single belief stemmed a global campaign, executed across multiple media and covering more than 100 countries. Everything the bank did had to serve its simple promise.

Success of the Campaign

• The campaign elicited articles by leading publications and websites - The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Guardian and Fast Company. • Within a month, monthly page views on the bank’s website increased 27% to 2,421,261. Within 6 weeks, more than 3,000 visitors had shared content. • Singapore Management University, Strathmore Business School, and Singapore Government’s Economic Development Board have requested to use the campaign as a case study. • Media coverage generated over US$ 3 million in PR value • The bank delivers record first-half profit in 2010: Group profit up 10%; Consumer Banking profit up 85%; and Wholesale Banking profit up 10%.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

PRINT We began with a brand belief. Featured in financial publications and national newspapers, it encouraged debate and discussion. FILM An initiative called The Collective Good provided independent artists, designers and filmmakers a rare opportunity: Creating a film that gives their work global exposure. MEDIA Whenever a bank was in the news for the wrong reasons, targeted media buys ensured our films aired during the commercial break. OUTDOOR Vinyl material would be recycled and repurposed to create bags for schools, as well as protective tarp and industrial wraps for warehouses, farms and small businesses. ONLINE A repository of stories and proof points were added. Many led to causes and initiatives that the bank is involved in.


Name Company Position
John Merrifield TBWA\Tequila Singapore Creative at Large
KC Chung TBWA\Tequila Singapore Creative Group Head
Eddie Azadi TBWA\Tequila Singapore Creative Group Head
Haydn Evans TBWA\Tequila Singapore Head of Production & Content Development, Asia
Sariyanti Sannie TBWA\Tequila Singapore Producer
Reginald Ocampo TBWA\Tequila Singapore Art Director
James Holman TBWA\Tequila Singapore Writer
Joanny Wong, Joanna Lim, Bobby Koh TBWA\Tequila Singapore Print Production
Jane Sandral, Chris Galea TBWA\Tequila Singapore Account Supervisor
Carol Tham, Minah Lim TBWA\Tequila Singapore Account Manager
Jean Abideen TBWA\Tequila Singapore Art Buyer