TitleI MAN
EntrantDRAFTFCB Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:DRAFTFCB Shanghai, CHINA
Advertising Agency:DRAFTFCB Shanghai, CHINA


The Campaign

Semir chose to collaborate with the movie “Iron Man 2” this summer. In order to up lift their brand image through Hollywood production. But as compared with other super heroes, Iron Man is relatively less popular. Our challenge is to arouse young people’s interest and also to create a buzz before the release of the movie and the news of the crossed over.

Success of the Campaign

In the period of I Man’s appearance & discussion on the internet, Click rate of the movie trailer of “Iron Man 2” was 611% higher than expectation.   The browse rate of Semir official website has increased by 200% in April as compared to March.   Many “Shan Zhai” Iron Man videos were created by netizens and uploaded onto social sites. Iron Man became a well know super hero in China.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We choose the unique “Shan Zhai Culture”(ie. Copycat) in mainland China as a start and created our very own made in china Iron Man: I-Man.   Step 1: Before the movie “Iron Man 2”, I-Man appeared in many places of Shanghai. Passengers stopped, took videos and uploaded them which became a hot topic on the internet.   Step 2: We formed a “Shan Zhai” company with an official website which sells “Shan Zhai” I-Man, create “Shan Zhai” Direct sales TVC, Tao Bao Shop, biding of I-Man armor.   Step 3: Movie "Iron Man 2" launched. Starts Semir products online sales on TaoBao shop.


Name Company Position
Poh Hwee Beng DRAFTFCB Executive Creative Director, China
Ethan Tsao DRAFTFCB Creative Director
Po Yi Lueng DRAFTFCB Associate Creative Director
Laurent Jiang DRAFTFCB Associate Creative Director
Monkey He DRAFTFCB Art Director
Xiao Xiao Fan DRAFTFCB Copywriter
He Yan DRAFTFCB Copywriter
Xiao Xiao Fan DRAFTFCB Producer
Joanna Go DRAFTFCB Group Account Director
Betty Zhu DRAFTFCB Associate Account Director
Sarah Chin GolinHarris Director
Simon Ren GolinHarris Senior Associate
Rita Cai GolinHarris Account Coordinator