Product / ServiceVIM
Entrant Company:LOWE VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Advertising Agency:LOWE VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


The Campaign

Vietnam is a market in the toilet cleaning category with many problems. 93% of Vietnam does not use the product. People were only looking for was stain-free toilets, for which detergents or water was good enough. Vim is a toilet cleaner built for ‘germ kill’. Since people didn’t feel the need for ‘germ kill’, we needed to make people STOP AND NOTICE that they need proper hygiene habits regarding toiler cleaners. So we decided to highlight the poor public toilet sanitation in the country and set out to do something about it. We declared to build 100 school toilets in Vietnam in 4 weeks! More so, instead of spending millions in media, we used just 1 billboard. By activating a powerful campaign, where a person can donate directly to a billboard and check the developments online, we managed to raise enough money to MAKE 350 SCHOOL TOILETS AROUND THE COUNTRY!

Success of the Campaign

1. After 4 weeks, we had money to build 350 toilets instead of 100 2. For a small investment of 50000 USD we got earned media worth 225,000 USD 3. Covered by the largest national channel in Vietnam for free 4. Students all over Vietnam organized walks to raise awareness 5. The cost per contact for this campaign was just 0.07 cents 6. Our message reached to more than 82% of the population (70 million people)

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

STRATEGY People were asked to donate, because once you asked people to donate towards a noble cause, they seem to learn more about it. Moreover, we decided to build toilets in public schools, which would directly influence consumers' lives, making them realize they need to do the same at home. We did not spend millions on media on this, because this would defeat the purpose of donation. CREATIVE IDEA: Come together with Vim CREATIVE ELEMENTS: BILLBOARD We selected a site in the heart of the city and created an interactive billboard, which was inaugurated in a mini event organized by WTO. We launched this billboard on World Toilet Day. SMS Once you send an SMS to the short code given in the billboard, it would reflect in the billboard at once. WEBSITE Once people donated they could online to check the development and get information about sanitation.


Name Company Position
Bob Cohen Lowe Vietnam Executive Creative Director
Tue Minh Trinh Lowe Vietnam Art Director
Trong Huy Nguyen Lowe Vietnam Copywriter
Indraneel Guha Lowe Vietnam Head of Planning Services
Siddharth Malhotra Lowe Vietnam Account Director
Chau Tran Lowe Vietnam Account Manager