Product / ServiceNESCAFE 3IN1
Entrant Company:LOWE VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Advertising Agency:LOWE VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM


The Campaign

Nescafe 3in1 was a market leader when it came to numbers. Surprisingly, when it came to brand stature, it was a distant third. Strong brand statures were owned by local players because Vietnamese people saw Nescafe 3in1 as an outsider. So we went about creating a ‘local connect’ with the youth of Vietnam in a way that was never done before. Since coffee in Vietnam inherently means ‘getting together’ for the young, we created a platform where this could be made possible. Desired response: Make people believe Nescafe 3in1 understands them as a Vietnamese Strategy: To earn Nescafe 3in1 a Vietnamese citizenship How: Facilitate meaningful conversations on topics that were highly local, a bit controversial and a whole lot relatable to the Vietnamese youth. Insight: “Coffee stimulation makes people speak their mind clearly & freely” Creative Idea: Intensely Vietnamese conversations happen over a 3in1

Success of the Campaign

Nescafe 3in1 gained undisputed equity leadership • ‘Advocacy’ scores grew over 10 times, from 2 to 21. While the erstwhile leader remained at 5, giving us a 3x margin of victory • 'Loyalty' scores went up by 19 points (from 14 to 33), an increase of over 130% (Source: Nielsen Brand Audit) Digital touch-points created 1,230,462 meaningful interactions, higher than any branded website in Vietnam, EVER • 361,058 unique visitors on the website and the total visits of 1,133,242 • Average session time of 5:44 minutes (country benchmark 1:30 mins) • Over than 28,000 topics of conversations added by people • Alexa rated our site the highest among ALL BRANDED sites hosted in Vietnam (Source: Google Analytics) While the category volume shrank by 0.5%, Nescafe 3in1 grew by 5%

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

OOH & Digital We started the conversation online by asking provocative questions relevant to the youth of Vietnam and encouraged them to take sides. We created an unbranded billboard in the city center showing the answers to these questions in real time, increasing the intrigue. Television We gradually built awareness through TVCs by selecting 2 top topics and captured them naturally. Our executions were about how interesting conversations can get if Nescafe 3in1 is thrown in. Digital and on ground We allowed people to create conversations about what’s really on their minds by giving them a platform of free expression - ( People realized that digital is a space where national topics of interest can be conversed and flocked to the Nescafe 3in1 site. Conversation also took place at youth congregation points, colleges, coffee shops. Videos of these conversations were then posted on the site.


Name Company Position
Bob Cohen Lowe Vietnam Executive Creative Director
Chiminh Deleo Lowe Vietnam Copywriter
Hoang Minh Tran Lowe Vietnam Art Director
Anne Marie Rodriguez Lowe Vietnam Agency Producer
Indraneel Guha Lowe Vietnam Head of Planning Services
Siddharth Malhotra Lowe Vietnam Account Director
Thao Tran Lowe Vietnam Account Manager
Duy Ngo Lowe Vietnam Account Executive