Product / ServiceMAKE.BELIEVE
Entrant Company:GT TOKYO, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:GT TOKYO, JAPAN



Name Company Position
Koshi Uchiyama GT INC. Creative Director
Toshiyuki Konishi POOL inc. Copywiter/Planner
Teppei Moriguchi DENTSU INC. Copywiter/Planner
Katsuhiko Hibino Hibino Special Copywiter
Chie Morimoto goen° Art Director/Planner
Hiromichi Hieda DENTSU INC. Planner
To Yamamoto DENTSU INC. Producer
Kouki Nakamura,Susumu Sakon,Shinya Harada DENTSU TEC INC. Producer
Toshikazu Tanaka en-MA Landscape Design
Chikara Ohno,Takeshi Kamata sinato Landscape Design
Yoshimichi Tanimoto,Zen Tachikawa Sony Corporation Exective Producer

The Campaign

make.believe is aiming to reignite the innovative spirit of Sony brand. The concept is to explore the curiosity inside us and around the world. Then, curiosity will lead to imagination and creation. Purpose: To improve brand loyalty amongst the younger generation. Sony has invited them to participate in "activities that awaken the curiosity within". Users will actually experience the concept.

Success of the Campaign

From May 21st through the 25th 2010, "DOT PARK" festival was held in ROPPONNGI by using full use of the SONY group brand. "DOT FILM", a film delivering the brand message, was made.This served as a platform to deliver the philosophy for the project to the target by using any means of media. 160 different kinds of "DOT GRAPHIC" was developed around the festival. An interactive device that connects the virtual world and reality called the "DOT PORT" was revealed and gathered the curiosity from all around Japan. At the center stage, movies, music videos, video games, 3D contents, and 3D live performance were shown throughout the event. "SOUND BALL", which catches the sounds and turns that signal into light, was used during live performance. It changed the live performance dramatically. At the venue, different kinds of "DOT" was placed, and the curiosity installation inspired the curiosity of the target.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

1. The key to everything is the "DOT". 2. Everything serves as a direct appeal to wake the curiosity within. 3. To make happen the "Co-creation" with the target.