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The Campaign

In India, over 200 million children do not receive any form of education, only because their parents can't afford to educate them. Aviva's platform in india is 'Education is Insurance'. And with its Street to School Program, Aviva helps guarantee education to every street child across India. Which is why we decided to build a great wall. And we asked people to help us build this wall not with bricks, but with books. Because we understand that a book is the greatest symbol of education. This wall stood to protect the right of every child to receive at least the basic elementary level education.

Success of the Campaign

The Great Wall of Education is the largest Book Wall ever made anywhere in the world. In just a matter of 5 days, the monument stood tall with over 130,000 books, donated by over 100,000 Indians. These books were used to educate over 170,000 underprivileged children, many of whom saw a book for the first time. The activity generated a total PR of over 15 million Rupees with media articles, TV news coverage, blogs, tweets, Facebook groups, and more. The Ministry of Education, Government of India, acknowledged Aviva's contribution to this cause and the Education Minister of India visited the venue himself to show his support and even offered Aviva complete support in any future endeavours which would help eradicate illiteracy from India.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign begun over the internet, where we created a special microsite for the event which informed people about the event and how they could contribute in their own way towards helping educate millions of India's underprivileged children. This was followed up by radio commercials which urged people to visit the venue to show their support to the cause and make the donation of just one book. The very next day, millions of people woke up to innovative outdoor teaser installations, telling people that a Great Wall of Education was under construction at Ansal Plaza in Delhi. These teasers were complemented with hoardings telling people where they could find out about the cause. Finally, on 11 November, India's National Education Day, the campaign broke out in Print and Television commercials all over.


Name Company Position
Avinash Bajaj BBDO India Copywriter
Varun Goswami BBDO India Creative Group Head
Joy Sen Gupta BBDO India Associate Creative Director
Sandipan Bhattacharyya BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Manoj Deb BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Josy Paul BBDO India Chief Creative Officer
Gurdev Singh BBDO India Illustrator
Renilson Joseph BBDO India Vice President - Account Management
Shruti Narang BBDO India Account Director
Manoj Yogi BBDO India Print Production Manager